The Weather is in Control

Thursday August 2nd 2018

I let the weather control my activities again today. When you combine a confusing, but dire sounding weather forecast with a few early morning clouds you can easily convince yourself that the day is best suited for hibernation. This evening I’m kicking myself for my lack of motivation. It was not that bad a day. The sun was out for most of the morning raising the temperature into the mid eighties with lots of humidity. Shortly afternoon a thunderstorm moved through the area. It has rained lightly ever since. Tomorrow is forecast to follow the same pattern. Hopefully I’ll handle it better.


The clouds were both pretty and threatening.

The big event for the day was a visit to the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World store on the other side of the Interstate. It was a sight seeing trip not a shopping trip. They decorate the stores with the outdoor life of the area. Everyone I’ve been in has had large aquariums with native fish and many stuffed animals representative of the region. This Bass Pro Shop was a little smaller than some of the others I’ve been in. It only had one aquarium with some bass and one very big catfish. Most of the decor was made up of stuffed animals including a large bear posed on its hind legs. It was a big attraction with the kids in the store.

Being only one hundred miles from the Atlantic Ocean and even less from the Chesapeake Bay this Bass Pro shop had a mixed focus. The boats and fishing gear for sale were split between fresh and salt water. The Bass Pro Shops I went to in the Midwest were focused on lake and river fishing. Along those lines they were pushing fancy bass fishing boats. Here the boats were more diverse including pontoon boats. To me, the boats for sale are just another part of the shops decorations. I’m not in the market.


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