Switching from Visitation mode to Travel mode

Tuesday July 31st 2018

It rained lightly overnight and into the morning. It was just hard enough to be heard over the noise of the air conditioner. Shortly afternoon the sun started to burn through the cloud cover. The temperature made it into the mid 80s. The current forecast calls for a little more sunshine in the next few days, but the rain is still going to be around.


Rainy weather starting to breakup this afternoon with a couple of jets passing above the clouds.

My focus today was on getting ready to travel tomorrow. I’m moving north to the other side of Richmond VA for the next few days. I wanted to do a shorter hop north followed by a few days in the Charlottesville VA area, but I couldn’t find a site for the coming weekend. Instead I’ll spend more time at a familiar stop in Ashland VA. There are a number of Civil War Battlefield sites in the area that I would like to check out.


Getting ready to travel has been a little different this time around. My living pattern over the weekend was different. I got up in the morning had a quick gulp of coffee and food then departed for the day. I usually got in late after a busy day visiting with family. The result was a sink of accumulating dirty dishes and many other things not getting put away. Today I worked on the dishes and putting the clutter away in addition to all of my normal day before travel tasks. I plan to be on the road by ten, but the weather will have a lot to do with the timing.


Rose blossom of the day,

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