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Monday July 30th 2018

After a weekend off from daily blogging, my occasionally interesting, often boring attempt to chronicle my Rambling Road Trip continues. As a reminder to new and occasional readers my goal for this blog is multifaceted. In addition to providing a history of my travels, I also want the blog to be useful for readers considering this life style. The blog also adds a little structure to my life. Having to sit down and write something every night means I have to reflect on what I’ve done each day. It seems like I end up dwelling on the weather when I don’t do anything interesting during the day.


Ugly weather moving in.

I spent this past weekend on the Pamlico River in Eastern North Carolina attending a family gathering. We’ve been getting together here most summers since 2009 according to my records, but there is some debate about the exact year. I thought it was 2008 until I dug up a list I’ve maintained since the mid 1990s of my travels. It doesn’t really matter how long we’ve been getting together, we have fun and catch up on all the goings on.


Sunset along the Pamlico River.

This year the weather got in the way some. The rain in the area was unpredictable. Lines of thunderstorms moved across the area at the beginning and end of most days. A few pop up storms also put a wrinkle in outdoor activities. The available time to be out on the water was restricted by the weather. High winds and lightening make for unsafe conditions. Perhaps the biggest annoyance was all of the standing water. After more than a week in a similar weather pattern, the water has nowhere to go. I stepped into water above my ankles a couple of times. In case you didn’t know, wet squeaky shoes are noisy and uncomfortable.


Fireworks on the dock.

Tomorrow I have to get back into planning and travel mode for my trip north into New England. I’ve got some reservations locked in, but I still have to fill in several gaps.


Blossom of the weekend.


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