Travel Day to Eastern North Carolina

Wednesday July 24th 2018

Today was a travel day so I couldn’t sleep in, but starting the day at 3AM was not part of the plan. Nature’s predator and prey had an encounter near my RV around that time. I don’t know exactly what it was but the screeching and banging noise was enough to wake me from a sound sleep. Looking out the windows I couldn’t see anything and there was no signs of any carnage this morning.


Site 219 at the Tranter’s Creek Resort and Campground.

After getting back to sleep I started the day around 7:30. It was cloudy and humid with the temperature in the seventies. I took my time getting ready. My plan was to depart as close to the 11AM checkout as possible. I only had one hundred and thirty miles to travel and I didn’t want to arrive until around 2PM. It was ten thirty when I left the Wade NC campground. To kill time I planned to stop at the rest area on Interstate 95, but it was closed. Instead I spent extra time at the gas station after filling the tank.

Most of my travel day was in dry conditions. I needed to run the windshield wipers intermittently once, but I was clearly moving into an area that had experienced more rain than where I’d been. I arrived a few minutes after 2PM shortly after a shower had moved through the area. It was dry but very humid in the mid eighties while I setup the RV for my weeks stay. Getting the AC on in the RV was a priority. Around five the rain started up again. It has rained off and on since then.

Yesterday the forecast called for a return to normal weather tomorrow. Today the forecast for tomorrow is rain in the morning and clearing toward the end of the day. The window of normal weather is now forecast to continue into Sunday, so I guess everything has moved out by twelve hours.

The ghost in my generator returned this afternoon. It had been gone since Sunday, but the generator started without cause while I was setting up. Traveling on wet roads seems to have allowed water to get into the connector again. The connection is exposed to the spray from the drivers side rear wheels. I’ve disconnected it until it dries out. I need to find a water tight sleeve for the cable and connector. Just wrapping it up in layers of electric tape didn’t work. Water dripped out of the connector when I disconnected it.


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