Watching the Weather – What Rain?

Tuesday July 24th 2018

The surrounding trees and the heavy cloud cover kept it dark enough that I slept late this morning. I didn’t have anything planned for the day and the forecast was for rain. It seemed like a good excuse to sleep in this morning. It was noon before I stepped out of the RV.


The forecast for today on last night’s TV news was for heavy rain with flash flood warnings. This area didn’t align with that forecast. There was heavy rain to the east and heavy rain to the west. This area was cloudy with occasional filtered sunshine. The area I spent the weekend near Charlotte got severe weather with floods and the area I’m heading for tomorrow was getting rain today according to the radar. This was a good stop for a couple of nights.


If one is to believe the forecasts, tomorrow is a transition day followed by a few days with normal weather. I think normal means hot and humid with a chance of late in the day thunderstorms. That’s the problem with some of the forecasts you get on local TV. They assume you know the area. The next days with above normal rain chances is Sunday and Monday. This pattern with a tropical flow of moisture seems to be in play for another week or so.

I spent the day reading, watching TV and walking around the campground. Most of the people that came in yesterday departed this morning. For some reason, perhaps because there wasn’t an immediate threat of rain, the park didn’t fill up near as much tonight. There are still plenty of people here. The campground also hosts people visiting the area and working at the area military bases. The focus on the military is clear by the display of the various service flags along with the American Flag.


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