A Day for Chores

Thursday July 25th 2018

The weather talkers got it wrong again. It didn’t rain at all today. This morning the sky was blue, the sun was shinning and I couldn’t see any clouds in the sky. It was still humid and the temperature got up to about ninety. The heating of the air produced clouds late in the day, but it didn’t rain. It was a beautiful day. A few more like it would be nice. The weather talkers say we’re back in a “normal” summer weather pattern, so there should be more days like today to follow.


Clouds that developed late in the day blocked the sun for awhile.

Today was a day for chores around my RV home. Before it got hot outside, I finished getting set up for the week, I took the bicycle off the car and connected the motor home to the sewer. Once the sun got high in the sky I retreated inside. Climbing up on the roof to work on the satellite antenna will have to wait for a cloudy dry day. In the mean time I’m stuck watching the over the air television stations. There are plenty to offer at this location including three sets of the same North Carolina PBS stations.


This bugs are as big as a small bird. They are all around my RV home. This one paused on the fireplace grill long enough for me to take its picture.

This afternoon I made a grocery run that turned into more of a restocking trip than a simple food buying trip. I ended up buying many occasional purchase items like coffee, dish detergent, plastic bags and air freshener. Of that set of items only the coffee was on my list. The other items were the result of walking up and down the aisles. I kept having, “I need that” moments. Today I seemed to be a bit of an impulse buyer instead of my usual analyze the need to death before purchase type buyer. Luckily, I really needed all of the things I bought and had a place for them in my limited storage space.




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