Travel Day to the Fayetteville NC Area

Monday July 23rd 2018

Today started very foggy. By the time I was packed and ready to leave the Charlotte area around 10:15 it was just a cloudy day. The sun came out briefly here and there as I made my way east to the Fayetteville area. I didn’t take the most direct route. I chose to stay on better roads and went southeast to Lumberton, NC. Then I picked up Interstate 95 north through Fayetteville to Wade NC.


Site 33 at the Fayetteville NC. The rain is moving in on the right side of the picture behind my RV.

I was an easy drive lasting about four hours including one stop for gas and an attempt to stop at a rest area. The gas stop wasn’t well scouted out ahead of time. The station had easy access, but the price was about ten cents a gallon higher than other stations on my route. I only put in one credit card run of a hundred dollars to bring the tank up to about the seven eights level. I’ll do a little better research for my next fuel stop.

The rest area stop just served to get me annoyed at unthinking drivers. North Carolina rest areas have separate parking areas for trucks, RVs and cars. I followed the signs to the correct area only to find all of the long RV parking spots filled with cars. The car parking area on the other side of the building had plenty of room. I waited as long as I could for one of the car owners to come out of the building and leave without success. It’s probably a good thing no one showed. I might have yelled a few things at them that wouldn’t do any good.

I managed to get set up on my site before the thunderstorms arrived. There have been three storms pass through the area since I arrived. From the TV reports, the Charlotte area where I came from is getting hit harder. The forecast for tomorrow is more of the same and flash flood watches are out for the area. I don’t move on until Wednesday.

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