Watching the Weather Again

Sunday July 22nd 2018

The potential for severe weather continues to keep me on my toes. Yesterday had severe weather all around the area, but it never came over this area. The only storm was rain without thunder and lightening around 1:30 in the morning. This morning we were back to sunny and humid with the look of a storm at any moment. Around the dinner hour there was thunder and lightning in the distance followed by strong winds. So far tonight it has only rained for a few minutes in this area. Other locations in the area are under severe weather warnings and flash flood watches.


ZMax Drag strip at the Charlotte Motor Speedway behind the campground. Notice the clouds in the northern sky.

I continue to watch the TV coverage of the tragic sinking of the Duck boat on Table Rock Lake in Missouri. The seventeen people lost their lives on the same ride I was on last month. I wrote about my experience in the blog post Branson Duck Tour. It is easy to understand how the tragedy happened. There is very little way the boat captain can know the water conditions before the duck is in the water. The entry is down a steep narrow ramp through the trees. The view of the lake is very limited. They also approach the water at a good speed to maintain momentum while the propulsion changes from wheels to props. The area where the duck enters the water is in a fairly protected cove. The duck boat makes a loop out into the lake to reach the exit ramp area. While out in the lake the duck boat must take the full force of the wind driven waves. The ride I was on didn’t have much wind to deal with, but it did have the wakes from other boats to deal with. Those wakes tossed the boat around quite a bit. The other thought I had was on empowerment. I wonder if the boat captain was able to cut the water portion of the ride out of the tour without getting hassled by management. After all if you don’t get to drive into the water you might as well take the land tour on a minibus.


Clouds to the southeast behind the Charlotte Motor Speedway. There was lightning in these clouds a little later.

And now we return to our regular blog post. I spent the day running errands. The biggest of which was getting the oil changed in the car. I noticed a Valvoline Instant Oil change place on Friday when I was grocery shopping. This is my preferred chain to use for oil changes and transmission fluid refreshes. The last time I had the oil changed was in Las Vegas in January so it was due. The place wasn’t busy on a Sunday, so that little chore is complete.

There were more people arriving at the campground today than I’ve seen the whole time I’ve been here. A drag race event is scheduled for Tuesday night, so perhaps that is the reason for the large number of people arriving. I’ll never know, I’m moving on east tomorrow.


Wildflower (weed) blossom of the day.


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