Productive dull day

Saturday July 21st 2018

It was sunny humid day with a high temperature in the mid 80s. The weather forecasters have been warning about severe thunderstorms arriving in the area during the afternoon since Thursday. As of 9:30 this evening they are still warning about the storms. At least now they actually appear on the radar. When you live in a box on wheels this type of forecast gets your attention. Unfortunately, the TV weather talkers seem to over sell the issue. I’ve watched the sky all day.

Today was a routine day in the life kind of day. There are some things you have to do even when you live in an RV. I did laundry and cleaned inside the motorhome today. There is a small laundry with 3 washers and 3 driers in this campground. It is conveniently located about a hundred yards from my RV home. It was even inexpensive at a dollar seventy five per load. If this campground were full, the laundry wouldn’t come close to satisfying the needs.

For entertainment, while I was doing all of these routine tasks, I watched the “Open Championship” golf from the British Isles on TV followed by the Rugby World Cup coverage from San Francisco. Talk about contrasts. The golf is slow and peaceful while the rugby is fast and potentially violent. Both sports programs captured my attention away from my chores from time to time.


The flowers in this bed were partially covered by thick pine needle mulch. There are not many plantings around this campground. These were near the laundry and office building.

I didn’t get a lot of exercise today. At most campgrounds it is easy to get a little exercise by walking around the campground roads. The activity in the campground, glimpses of nature or the terrain itself are enough to encourage walking around. This campground is basically a wide open gravel parking lot with a few roads and fences to separate areas and the people staying here aren’t outside. They are either staying cool inside or away from their sites. I can get interested in walking around here in the hot sun.


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