Driving around the Asheville Area

Tuesday July 17th 2018

My RV home is located in a campground very close to Interstate 40. Being near a highway or a railroad track is fairly common for campgrounds. The noise doesn’t usually bother me. Last night was the exception. They are doing night roadwork on the interstate highway a few hundred feet from my RV. It started around 8PM and was intense until near midnight. After that it was quiet most of the night. I woke up a couple of times probably because of construction noise, but it didn’t last long. The next really loud and prolonged noise from the highway was around seven thirty in the morning. How good a rest I got is questionable. So far this evening there hasn’t been any sign of a repeat construction performance.

r3t2018-07-17_20-531 - Copy

The camera is level, the land slopes hard in this area.

I spent some time today driving around the area. The mountainous terrain was a little surprising. I always thought Asheville was on the edge of the Appalachian mountains. It’s really in the Appalachians. Keeping in mind these are eastern US mountain heights not western heights, there is a lot of uneven ground. What really drove the point home to me is the fact that the Blue Ridge Parkway passes to the east of Asheville.

I avoided the Biltmore area of town. Visiting the estate of George Vanderbilt is not on my list of must sees. It moved even lower on my list of “could” sees when I saw that they had turned a simple estate tour into an all day attraction with a corresponding large price tag. Most of what I saw today were everyday city sights like businesses and stores. It was a good familiarization drive.

r3t2018-07-17_20-533 - Copy

Storms moving in during the afternoon.

Back at my RV home this afternoon I walked around the perimeter of the campground on trails cleared by the owners. It parallels the highway in some areas and cuts across streams and gullies in other areas. The trails are a nice feature of this campground that you don’t find at many commercial campgrounds.


A little pollen goes a long way.


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