Travel Day to the Asheville North Carolina Area

Monday July 16th 2018

The weather was not the best for traveling today. A cold front was approaching the area. Shortly before I got up this morning a brief shower passed through. It was very humid outside and everything was wet for my outdoor travel preparations. I took my time and was ready to travel just before eleven.

I only had two noteworthy experiences on my short 100 miles of travel. The first was at the gas station. Of the four possible lanes to access the pumps I could only use two of them because of the access angles. One of the two lines was blocked by a car that seemed to be parked. I had to wait for a motorhome and a truck pulling a trailer to finish fueling in the one available lane before I could take my turn. Overall I was there for close to forty minutes. About the time I was finished fueling a woman and three kids came out of the store and got in the car parked in the other lane. She was oblivious to the chaos she’d caused by not parking in one of the many available parking places.

Interstate 40 through the Appalachian mountains is a very winding road. I didn’t have any particularly steep grades but I needed to go slow for many of the twists and turns. In the middle of all this a thunderstorm moved overhead. The rain came down hard enough that I had to have the windshield wipers on high. Visibility was difficult. I was keeping my spacing with the tail lights on the truck in front when a little compact car without its lights on decided the space between a trailer truck and a motorhome was the place to be in a rain storm. The driver was mistaken. I backed off even more and the storm took pity on my situation and let up. The compact car took off as soon as the rain subsided. I think I out ran the storm.


Site F24 at the Asheville West KOA. This campground is still in the mountains at about 2400 feet elevation.

After I got set up at the Asheville West KOA another storm arrived. I sat inside and watched the rain wash down the gravel campground roads digging gullies in the dirt. The thunder in the area was loud, but I didn’t see any lightening. After the storm I had a big puddle in front of my door. I need to jump from the steps to dry ground until the water sinks into the ground.

I’m around ten miles west of Asheville North Carolina. I”ll be here for three nights. Tomorrow I’ll figure out what kind of touring I’m going to undertake.

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