An Unplanned Planning Day

Wednesday July 18th 2018

The humidity and the temperature were down today. I gave the air conditioner a rest for most of the day. The afternoon sun got the temperature up into the mid eighties. I put the air conditioner back on to cool the sun warmed interior of the motorhome late in the day.


My plans to do more touring in the Asheville area changed. I got into planning mode this morning and started working on reservations for the next few months. It can be a real juggling game to get plans locked in. I try to find and lock in the longer most difficult places to stay first. This allows me to change direction if there isn’t any available space. Things get difficult when you can’t get commitments. I prefer to deal with campgrounds that have online reservations systems. You get immediate feedback on availability with online systems. Today I was dealing with two places that didn’t have online systems and I wonder what kind of system they actually have. I was on the phone for twenty minutes with one and another had to call me back after getting access to the office computer. It only took about half an hour before I got a call back followed by ten minutes on the phone. I was moving right along when the “boss” called me an hour later with a problem.

As of now I have a couple of travel nights left to book in July. They shouldn’t be a problem since they will be on the Interstate 95 corridor. I’m still working on the first three weeks in August. My first choices in the Civil War battlefield areas of Maryland and Pennsylvania aren’t working out. Now I’m looking at moving north through central or western Pennsylvania into New York State. I’ve booked the end of August into the Labor Day Holiday weekend on Lake Ontario in New York and I’ve booked the first two weeks of October including the Columbus Day weekend in Massachusetts. There are still travel stops of one to two days to book and a couple of additional two week blocks.

One thing I’m discovering is that the northeast campgrounds are expensive. When I lived in the area I didn’t believe the Internet chatter about the high cost of camping in New England. Now that I’m armed with two years of experience in other parts of the country I’m finding some of the rates unbelievable. The Columbus Day weekend at one place was going to cost $80 a night.

I’m moving on tomorrow. I’ll be traveling about one hundred and fifty miles to the Charlotte North Carolina area for the weekend.


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