Travel Day to West Central Tennessee

Thursday July 5th 2018

It was another day of excessive heat. Excessive is the National Weather Services word, not mine. There was an excessive heat warning for the Tunica area of Mississippi. It seems to have different criteria in each part of the country. In this area an excessive heat warning applies to a heat index above 105 degrees. The west central Tennessee area I’m in tonight was a little cooler today. The temperature only reached 94 for a heat index of 104.


Site 46 at the Buffalo Exit 143 KOA in Hurricane Mills, TN.

I finished preparing for travel and got on the road just before ten this morning. Since I’d completed most of the outside tasks yesterday, I didn’t have to suffer in the heat. Disconnecting the utilities and connecting up the car were the only outside tasks I needed to do this morning. Once on the road the air conditioning vents blowing cold air kept the drive comfortable.

I managed to miss a turn onto the Interstate on the outskirts of Memphis. The result was a few miles of driving on downtown Memphis streets before I got on the Interstate. The roads were wide and traffic was light enough that it wasn’t too bad. The only concern was passing under a couple of thirteen and a half foot bridges. My clearance height is twelve and a half feet. Overall it wasn’t a bad detour, just unplanned and longer.


Both front wheels were off the ground by the time I got the RV level. This isn’t my favorite way to get level, but the leveling jacks can support all the weight.

Setting up this afternoon in Hurricane Mills, TN was not as comfortable as getting ready to travel. I had more maneuvering than usual to get situated on the site. I needed to disconnect the car and reposition the motor home to get it level. As it is I ended up with the front wheels off the ground to get level. All of the front weight is on the leveling jacks. I don’t like to do this, but it is designed to be able to accommodate this contingency. The bad part of all the maneuvering was the temperature. I was dripping with sweat after only a few minutes.


Today’s blossom.

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