A Break in the Heat

Friday July 6th 2018

I woke up to a very cloudy day with the sound of thunder in the distance. The heat of the last few days was gone, but the humidity was still around. By the end of the day the humidity was gone as well.


Some of the flowers scattered around the campground.

The main characteristic of the day was a series of thunderstorms. Around 10AM the first line of showers passed through the area. They weren’t severe storms. The wind wasn’t strong and the rain in this area wasn’t particularly heavy. Thunder and lightning were the dominant feature. A couple more lines of storms followed. One came through around 1PM and another at the dinner hour. Just like the first line of storms these were more noise than wind or rain. Other areas of middle Tennessee got more rain. There were flash flood warnings for some areas of the state. Here, the sun actually broke through for an hour or two between the second and third lines of storms.

The rain pretty much put a damper on anything I planned for the day. I ended up staying at home with my reading materials and the TV. During the break in the weather I managed to get a pork chop grilled for dinner. This evening it is much cooler, The air conditioner has stopped cycling on and off. I could open the windows, but I probably won’t. The noise from the nearby Interstate 40 is very loud even with the windows closed. I couldn’t hear it at all with the white noise of the AC running.

More showers are forecast for tomorrow, but it sounds like they will be more scattered. It should allow me to get out and do some touring. I’m here until Monday, so Sunday is also available for getting familiar with this area.


Blossoms of the day.

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