Lazy Independence Day

Wednesday July 4th 2018

Happy Independence Day!

It was another day with heat warnings issued by the National Weather Service. The temperature peaked in the mid 90s with high humidity. A severe thunderstorm warning was issued around six this evening. It passed through the area by seven without any consequences. It was very windy. My RV home got rocked by strong broadside winds on the leading edge of the storm, but there wasn’t much rain and the whole storm was over in a few minutes. I don’t understand the storms in this area. So far each of the storms I experienced in the last week or so have come from different directions. Today’s storm came from the east. Previous storms have come from the north and the west. I’m used to most of the weather coming from one direction.


Storm clouds moving in from the east. The wind was so strong it was difficult to open the door to take this picture.


Looking west after the storm passed.

Today was my last full day at this location. I came here because I wanted to see fireworks and because I thought there would be a lot of activity. I missed both sets of fireworks. To see them I needed to travel north to the host casinos. For the show on Sunday night I didn’t know that. I thought I’d be able to see them low in the sky from here. I didn’t even hear them from here. Last nights show was located closer. I heard this show, but still couldn’t see the aerial bursts. It was my intent to drive up to last nights show, but I took an unplanned nap after supper. I learned today that I probably lucked out. One couple from the RV park spent over an hour in traffic to get the short distance back here after the show.

As far as other things to do in the area I was generally disappointed. The casinos only plan shows, activities and events on the weekends. Even today there wasn’t much going on in the casinos for the holiday.

Tomorrow I’m traveling about two thirds the way to Nashville TN. It’s about 180 miles. I put all of the outside stuff away this evening. The inside is half prepared for travel. I’ll do the rest in the morning. My plan is to be on the road around ten and off the road before any afternoon storms develop.


Sunset after the storm.


A little while after the previous sunset picture.

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