Frustrating Planning Day

Tuesday July 3rd 2018

There was cloud cover for two thirds of the day. It kept the overall temperature down a little. The temperature topped out around 90 degrees. It was still hot.


The afternoon sky once the full cloud cover broke.


Making a noisy racket on the fence.

This year is half over. So far I’ve traveled around six thousand miles this year. I started east across the country from Las Vegas Nevada in January. The months of February, March and April were spent in Florida. At the end of April I started north in what has turned into a curious travel and stay approach. Since I left Florida, I haven’t been doing as much touring as I’m use to. Even though I stay in an area for a week or more, I don’t see nearly as many things as I did last year. I think the cause is a combination of incomplete planning and less interesting attractions than I found out west last year.


My travel so far this year. I started in Las Vegas in January about six thousand miles ago.

Today I’ve been trying to plan out the rest of my travel year. The general plan remains the same. I’ll turn north up the east coast from North Carolina in the beginning of August arriving in the New England area sometime in September. By the end of October I’ll be heading back toward Florida. Open campgrounds in the northeast become difficult to find at the end of October. I spent time today trying to put flesh on the bones of a plan without much success. August is proving difficult to find places to stay in areas with things I’d like to visit. It’s not that surprising, but frustrating none the less. Over the next couple of days I’ll checkout other places further away from the attractions. I’m sure I’ll find places to stay, but not in the ideal locations. I’ve identified a couple of options for the Labor Day weekend that I’ll act on in the next couple of days. The Columbus Day weekend is also an issue that I’m working on.


Rough idea of my travels through the end of October.

The need to commit to plans and make reservations at campgrounds far in advance continues to be one of my biggest challenges in this life style. I don’t like the idea of locking in plans months in advance. As it stands right now, I need to lock in August, September and October quickly. I still have a little time before I have to have November booked. December and January in Florida are already booked and paid for. February and March in Florida are not booked and represent a whole other problem. I will probably end up in an expensive monthly resort during the peak of the snowbird season.


Blossom of the day.


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