Pondering the Crops in the Area

Monday July 2nd 2018

Today started cloudy and remained that way most of the day. Occasionally the sun would break through long enough to get the temperature into the mid 90s. With the humidity it remained uncomfortable outside.


Very colorful blossoms.

The casinos and a couple of golf courses are really the only things to do around here. Neither of those activities are high on my to do list. Golf is not a game I participate in very often. A hot summer day wouldn’t be one of those times. The casinos are an OK diversion if you’re there for some other reason. Using a casino to kill time is a good way to waste money. I’ve spent an hour or less in the casinos each day I’ve been here. As of now, I’m five dollars ahead, but that won’t last.


This is primarily an agricultural area. About the only crop I can positively identify is corn. I think I’ve seen one small field of corn and a field of sun flowers that I could identify. The literature on the area says cotton is a prime crop. I have no idea what young green cotton plants look like. I think I’d recognize ready to harvest cotton in the fall.

There have been cultivated fields beside the campground at my last two stops. Last week, northwest of Memphis, I was told the fields beside the campground were soybeans. This week there is nobody around to tell me what is growing in the fields beside the campground. Here and at other places I’ve traveled I wish he people who plant the fields would put up signs identifying the crop for curious dudes like me.

My adventures today were limited to driving around the area with stops at two of the casinos. I got a good view of the Mississippi river from the Fitz casino, but the River front county park next door was closed. The rest of the day was spent doing chores and reading in the air conditioned comfort of my RV home.


Tonight’s sunset.

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