Dust from the Sahara Desert over Mississippi?

Sunday July 1st 2018

The heat advisory continues for this area. The actual temperature was in the mid 90s. When the humidity is added in the heat index was over 100. There weren’t any clouds in the sky, but it was more gray than blue. The weather talker on the evening news says the haze is caused by dust from the Sahara desert. They even showed a graphic of the path across the Atlantic the dust clouds followed. The idea that a dust cloud could follow the path of hurricanes is a new one to me. The good news is that the dust clouds and hurricanes don’t happen at the same time. A little dust instead of a devastating hurricane may be a good thing.


Flower bed in front of the casino.

I spent some time today checking out the area. This area is part of the Mississippi Delta area that extends from Vicksburg MS north to Memphis TN. Its main focus is agriculture. Historically it was a heavy cotton producing region. In the twentieth century it was a very low income area until it was developed as a center for Casinos in the 1990s. All of the casinos are built between the levee and the Mississippi River. Somehow they all qualify as riverboats to comply with Mississippi state law that allows gambling on riverboats.

There location caused issues in 2011 when river flooding closed all of the casinos for several weeks. That event along with the economy is blamed for a down turn in the casino industry in this area. At one time there were eleven casinos. Today there are eight, although I’ve only found seven. I may have driven by and thought it was a closed casino. Even the open casinos seem to have huge largely empty parking lots. At night, the three casinos around my campsite don’t seem to have many lights in the hotel room windows. It may be more active at other times of the year, but right now the area looks like it is in decline.

I spent a large portion of the afternoon inside my RV home in the air conditioned comfort watching the NASCAR race from Chicago. Toward evening I walked over to the Sam’s Town Casino. It isn’t as big as I expected and the activity level wasn’t high. There were machines empty and not all of the tables were open. I returned to my RV home after feeding twenty bucks into a machine. (I’m such a high roller.)


Blossom of the day.

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