Travel to Tunica Mississippi

Saturday June 30th 2018

The overnight lows were in the mid to upper 70s. The full sunshine quickly warmed the air into the 90s. It was not a fun day for packing up and moving. I split my time between the outside tasks in the heat and the inside tasks in the cool air conditioning. It would be more efficient to do all of the inside then all of the outside, but by splitting the tasks up I get a chance to cool down a little. I try to use the same approach when setting up, but it takes time to get the inside cooled down.


Site 117 at the Sam’s Town RV park.

I got on the road around 11AM and was off the road shortly after noon. I traveled from Arkansas through a little bit of Tennessee to Tunica Mississippi all in about fifty miles. For the next five nights over the Fourth of July holiday I’ll be at the Sam’s Town RV park. There are seven casinos in the Tunica area that have activities going on to celebrate the holiday. There are fireworks scheduled for tomorrow night and July 3rd that should be fun to see.


Many darkening clouds developed as the afternoon progressed.

Unlike the places closer to Memphis there is plenty of room in the RV park. This isn’t the kind of place that will draw vacationing families or most travelers. There are nice level sites with cement pads and full hookups in a wide open field. When I arrived there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. As the afternoon went on scattered fluffy clouds developed all around the area. This evening the sky to the north darkened and lightening was visible. The storm moved away to the north and east. It didn’t rain here at all, but a faint rainbow was visible behind the storm as it moved away.

Tomorrow I need to checkout the schedule for the fireworks. I believe the Sunday night show is sponsored by the Horseshoe Casino. I think that is too far away to see the fireworks from here, so I’ll need to scout out a place to view them.


Blossom of the day.

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