The weather got in the way again.

Friday June 29th 2018

A line of thunderstorms arrived in the area last night around 11PM. It was unclear how severe the storms would be. The National Weather Service had warnings out that included this county, but the description seemed to be an area west of here. I stayed up and awake until the storm front was fully by this area at about 2AM. It never got extreme. There was some wind and a lot of rain. This morning my RV home was on the side of lake size puddle.


The water had receded some by the time I took this picture. It was necessary to make a very large detour to get from the door of my RV home to the car without getting wet.

The weather forecasters got yesterday’s storms wrong. They had the majority of the severe storms passing to the east of Memphis. Instead there were storms passing north to south on the west and the east of Memphis. The city proper missed most of the heavy weather. The forecasters also got today wrong. The forecast was for higher temperatures than yesterday. What we got was heavy cloud cover during the middle of the day. This kept the temperature down in the eighties, but it was still very humid.


Blossom of the day.

If I’d known today was going to by cloudy and thus a good day to be outside, I’d have planned to do some touring in downtown Memphis. Of course since I was up half the night it would have been a slow start. Instead I did some food shopping and generally got ready to move tomorrow. I’m moving from the northwest of Memphis in Arkansas to the south side of Memphis in Mississippi. I’ll be about twice as far from Memphis at around thirty five miles. The goal is to be in at location for the holiday that is near some good fireworks. It also doesn’t hurt that the park I’m going to is less than half the cost of this one.


Tonight’s sunset.

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