Hot and Slow Sunday

Sunday June 17th 2018

The official temperature was two degrees cooler than yesterday. You couldn’t prove it by me. It felt just as hot or hotter than yesterday. Tomorrow’s forecast has a higher chance of showers, but otherwise is just as hot.


Today’s puffy clouds.

The park wasn’t as busy today. There weren’t as many people fishing and the campground was a lot quieter too. The fathers day holiday was probably keeping people at home. One thing that did strike me as unusual was people having formal photographs being taken in the park. Two different groups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, used the park and river as a background for family photos today. Both sets of people were dressed in their Sunday finest to pose for group photos. In one case the pictures were clearly being taken by a professional photographer complete with multiple cameras and tripods. Each was a multi-generational group of people and neither group appeared to having anything to do with a wedding. Crazy tradition, celebrating dad, I don’t know why they were getting pictures taken today or what is so photogenic about this location.


View down river of a few more fluffy clouds.

The local wildlife wasn’t as visible today. The geese and ducks weren’t wandering around. There were still plenty of squirrels. It seems like there is almost one squirrel per tree as they run across the ground and up the trees. If there is already a squirrel in the tree a mini battle ensues. There is a lot of squirrel chatter. The back of the park, away from the river, also has several feral or semi-feral cats. Walking along the trails in that area it is common to see a cat run across the path in front of you.

r3t2018-06-17_19-413For excitement today I went grocery shopping. In addition to the food I got some white vinegar to work on clearing up my shower head. I’ll know in the morning if a day of soaking has improved the flow through the shower head. If not I’ll move on to plan B. Whatever that is.


Blossom of the day.


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