Watching the Activity on Lake Murray

Saturday June 16th 2018

I don’t know if today was the warmest day I’ve experienced this “summer”, but it sure felt like it. The temperature topped out in the mid 90s. The TV weather talkers said that combined with the humidity the heat index was around 100.


Fluffy clouds in the sky north of the river.


This is a public park near a major city. I expected it to be a real zoo on the weekend, but it wasn’t too bad. Some of the campsites are even empty tonight having been vacated early this morning. I’ve only seen one or two sites that have turned into party central. These are under control gatherings that aren’t loud or disruptive. Overall it has been a quiet day.


Traffic jam at the boat ramp.

This section of the Arkansas river behind the Murray Dam is known as Murray Lake. During the week it has been getting a lot of use by fishermen. I expected more recreational boating this weekend. There wasn’t much. The number of fishing boats increased dramatically, but I only saw a couple of non fishing boating activities. One was a jet ski and the other was an oversized boat pulling a tube with a rider or two.


One jet ski came down into the area from up river.


This big boat was towing a tube for riders.

Between stays in the air conditioned comfort of my RV home or car, I got a few walks around the campground in during the day. As long as I stayed out of the direct sun it was tolerable. At times there was a nice breeze along the river.



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