Stormy Day in Arkansas

Wednesday June 13th 2018

There was a lot of stormy weather in the area today. It was mostly cloudy all day, but still very hot and humid. During the late morning thunder started sounding to the south. It continued to threaten the rest of the day.


Bugs for lunch.

A sever thunderstorm watch was announced on the TV around 2pm. I always find out what county I’m in when I arrive in the area. The announcements are done by county not be community or other identifiable characteristic. It gets even more complicated when they announce other counties that the storm front is moving through. Knowing the county your in is one thing, knowing all the surrounding counties is a little too much to ask. I have to rely on my weather radar phone Aps to give me good insight.


Looking to the northwest with the storm to the south.


Barge heading up river shortly after the storm.

Today the actual sever weather stayed to the south. We got a brief period of rain in this area but none of the problem issues associated with the storms. The area to the south got strong winds that brought down trees and hail. The little rain we got lowered the temperature ten degrees or more. It was actually comfortable outside for a change.


I’ve stayed in the twenty five states in red during my Rambling Road Trip.  The two states in green were visited via my SUV while I was staying in nearby states. 

While I was stuck inside during the rain, I had a chance to reflect on the fact that Arkansas is the twenty fifth state that I’ve stayed in during my Rambling Road Trip. I’ve traveled through several others to get from place to place but can’t really take credit for a visit. I’ve visited two others, California and Wyoming, but I drove the SUV into those states while my RV home was in the neighboring state. I made an attempt at creating a map of my travels online. As I got it ready to include it in this blog post I noticed it was incorrect for traveled through states in the northeast. The motor home has never been in the State of New Hampshire, even though I lived there for thirty seven years. It hasn’t been in Vermont either. This falls travels should resolve those omissions.


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