Maintenance Day

Thursday June 14th 2018

It was another mid 90s temperature day with high humidity. The only difference from the last couple of days was a lower chance of sever weather. The only sever weather reported was well north of here. This area made it through the day with nothing but sunshine.


This small family of geese came to visit my campsite today.

There are more than a few maintenance task associated with keeping my RV home up to its task. Many of them are simply part of my regular setup or take down associated with moving. Other tasks need less frequent attention and often get neglected. One of those is changing the water filter. This morning in the shower the water flow was slow and many of the streams from the shower head were not running. Changing the filter solved the flow issue, but I’m going to have to soak the shower head in something to get it unclogged. I’ll probably start with white vinegar.


This goose is on look out duty.

After the water filter change I moved on to some of the other low frequency maintenance tasks. The slide outs got lubricated and the sliding windows got their own form of lubricant. Everything gets a different type. I still need to check the water level in the house batteries and crawl under the dash to check the wiring to the backup camera. The last one is a repair more than maintenance, but needs to be done. The picture went out when I hit a bump on my way here. There is always something.


“You watch over there and I’ll keep an eye out this way while the kids eat.”

The campground is starting to fill up for the weekend. It has been mostly full all week, but you can tell the folks arriving today are more familiar with the park and are here for more than a night or two. For example, when the folks across the street started to setup the guy got out his portable satellite dish and paced off its location from the corner of the kitchen pad. Clearly, he had been on the site before and knew exactly where to put the dish to see the satellite through the trees.

I can also be wrong with my observations. The other day a small pop up trailer arrived at the site next door. They spent over ten minutes backing up, repositioning and backing in again all to find the perfect location. I was sure they were going to be here for a long time, but they were gone the next morning before I got up.


Time for a swim!  There were look outs on land watching while the others swam.

In addition to watching my neighbors come and go I’ve been watching the resident geese. The first few days I’ve been here the geese were in the western part of the campground. Today they came to visit me in the eastern part of the campground. They’re fun to watch, but you have to watch your step after they leave. A lot of little black turds cover the ground after they move on. It’s interesting how the gaggle works. The main group stays fairly close together, but smaller groups spread out a few hundred feet in various directions from the main group. Each group has one or more members on look out duty. A call from any one and all of the geese head in the same direction away from the warning cry.


I didn’t see any barge traffic today. This fast moving fishing boat was not a good substitute.


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