Thoughts about Branson

Sunday June 10th 2018

Today was my last full day in Branson MO. The weather followed the pattern of the last few days. It was in the mid nineties with lots of sun. As long as you stayed out of the direct sun it was a great day.



My hope that the traffic would be more navigable today was in vain. When I left the RV park this afternoon the roads were almost as full of cars as yesterday. Even the by-pass routes had a great deal of traffic. Getting to the big box stores on the north side of town was a royal pain. All of the roads had long lines of traffic. The intersections with traffic lights took multiple cycles to get through. The intersections with stop signs were also a problem getting through. Then you need to factor in the hills. The intersections are usually at the top or bottom of the hill after coming around a blind corner. It just isn’t fun getting around.

The traffic and terrain contribute to my overall impression of this area. The novelty museums and amusement rides are not my thing. There are probably museums that would interest me, but it’s not Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Similarly, I’m sure there are shows I’d like to see. I just wasn’t prepared to find the good shows in the sea of possibilities. Perhaps if I’d done more research prior to getting here I’d have a different impression.

I will probably be back again when I’m in or passing through the area. Next time I’d like to stay outside of town, possible in Table Rock State Park. I really enjoyed Table Rock Lake and the area around the dam. This stay has been eleven days. My next stay will probably be shorter. The bottom line is I like the area. It just isn’t what I expected.

Once I navigated the traffic to the north side of town, I got some shopping done. I found a replacement mouse for my computer at Target and I was able to restock my food supplies at the Super Walmart. These were all newer stores cut into the hills. If you didn’t know they were there you might miss them. The approach road that I used to enter the Walmart parking lot felt like it was straight up a cliff. There were better ways to get in that I found later, but they weren’t easy to find.



I’ve started to pack up for tomorrow’s move. I’m traveling around one hundred and seventy five miles to the northern suburbs of Little Rock Arkansas.   It will be a hot travel day, so I want to get started by ten.

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