Odds and Ends Saturday

Saturday June 9th 2018

It was another beautiful weather day very similar to yesterday. The TV weather reporters are calling the weather hotter than normal for this time of year. The low nineties, moderate humidity and a gentle breeze is fine. Anything higher is in the oppressive camp as far as I’m concerned.



Branson proved to be a weekend town today. It’s not surprising that everybody flocks to the area for recreation and entertainment opportunities. This campground is close to full with RVs from Missouri and the neighboring states. They started to arrive on Thursday with the majority showing up yesterday afternoon and evening. They are mostly families with young kids. Table Rock Lake is a major recreation draw and the amusements and shows in the community of Branson fill another major component in this resort area.





I made one attempt to leave the park but didn’t get very far before I was in a long line of traffic. It was worst than last Saturday when I arrived. Not having any real destination I basically went around the block and returned to the campground. The places I did pass all had full parking lots. My guess is things will be much better by tomorrow afternoon.

Most of my day was focused on chores around the RV. I took advantage of the close proximity to the laundry and did another load. I’m now caught up on my laundry. Some of my other cleaning tasks also got some action. The hard surface floor ares got swept and a couple of spots got a little bit of a washing. The whole floor really needs to be washed, but it didn’t get it today. The carpet in the drivers area of the motor home could use some help too. Last weeks muddy fairgrounds arrival and departure days got the carpet very muddy. The vacuum cleaner along hasn’t cleaned it up.



Tomorrow I need to do some shopping for groceries and other things. I still plan to stop at the outlet mall. It is also my last full day here in Branson, so I need to start to pickup and pack up for Mondays move south into Arkansas.

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