Low Motivation for Tourist Activities

Friday June 8th 2018

Today’s weather was a repeat of yesterday. The high was in the low 90s, the sun was hot and bright and the humidity was in the mid range. The only difference was a little more breeze in the afternoon. I left the air conditioner on over night. It wasn’t needed after about ten last night, so I didn’t remember to turn it off. The result is that it was on when I got up this morning keeping the RV in the seventies. When I opened the door and stepped out of the RV the heat and humidity hit me hard. Any ambition I’d worked up by that point when away faster than ice would melt in the direct sun light.


Some of the nice flowers scattered around the campground.

That was the theme for the day. I had low to no motivation for doing much of anything. I haven’t found any shows here in Branson that I must see. There are so many choices and nothing stands out. When I checked into the campground I was provided with a list of almost 100 shows and I’ve seen billboards advertising shows that aren’t on the list. Figuring out what each of the shows is about in order to judge its merits is an internet search nightmare. So far nothing has jumped into the must do column.

The other thing I thought about doing today was some shopping. There is an outlet mall in town that has some shoe stores. I’m still trying to find some good footwear. I do a lot of walking and hiking on uneven and rough ground. The soles of my shoes get worn through faster than they ever have. Finding comfortable shoes with thick stable treads is difficult. I will probably buy a pair of good Merrell hiking shoes when I find the right store, but I also need more general purpose footwear. Tomorrow or Sunday I’ll probably make it to the Tanger Outlet mall. I just wasn’t in the mood for shopping today.

I’ve spent most of the day reading and doing some research on future travel destinations. I still haven’t locked in anything from July through November. I know in general terms my direction of travel during that time period just not where I’m staying. I even know some of the places I want to stay, but not the day I’ll arrive or depart. Today I was wishing for a paper calendar to layout and erase possibilities. I ended up printing out a few calendar grids that I put the dates on. It helped, but didn’t produce a magic solution. Surprisingly, the places that offer online visibility to availability still show sites available even for the Fourth of July. Even so, I have to get going on making reservations.



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