A Catch Up Day

Sunday June 3rd 2018

Yesterday’s storms were associated with a cold front passing through the area. The mid nineties temperatures gave way to the mid eighties today. It was still hot, but it was significantly less humid.


The RV Park is decorated for the patriotic holidays.

Today was a catch up day. Over the last week at the rally I didn’t get my usual compliment of sleep and both days since the rally’s end I’ve had to get up early. This morning I slept until around 9am. The extra two hours helped a little. I still need more sleep catch up time.

Another catch up task was the laundry. Between traveling north and the rally, I’m not sure when the last time I did laundry. I still had plenty of clean things to wear, but I also had three containers of dirty laundry. One of the bags of dirty laundry was a trip hazard and the other fell out of the closet every time I opened the door. Surprisingly, I still had plenty of clean clothes which probably means I’m carrying more than I should.


My RV home is parked across the road from the laundry building so I could go back and forth easily. It took over two hours to complete four loads of laundry. I’m not sure if I ever did that many loads of laundry at once. When I got done, I realized I hadn’t washed the bed sheets and the towels. I guess I’ve got more laundry to do later in the week.


For exercise I walked around the campground a couple of times. The park is still decorated patriotically. Between Memorial Day, Flag Day and Fourth of July, I suspect they keep it decorated this way for a while. The pictures in this blog entry are from my walk around the campground.


Tomorrow’s task is to restock on food and check out the area. I need to decide what shows in this entertainment capital of the Ozarks I want to see. The RV park has a ticket desk that can get almost any kind of ticket.

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