Travel Day to Branson MO

Saturday June 2nd 2018

It started to rain at 6:30 this morning. My fear of getting stuck in the mud meant it was time to get up. Last nights forecast called for a line of thunderstorms at the start of the day followed by another line in the early afternoon. The afternoon storms were forecast to be sever. Checking the radar for the first set of storms showed a hole in the middle of the line. There was a going to be a gap in the rain as the first line of storms passed. I set out to be ready to leave during the gap.

I almost made it. The first set of storms in the morning line of storms didn’t drop enough rain to give me any problems. The RV came out of the grass onto the road without any problems. As I walked back into the site to pick up the blocks that were under the leveling jacks, it started to rain. I still had to dump the tanks and connect up the car. The wind was howling, thunder was clapping and lightning strikes were visible on the horizon. I got soaked finishing up my travel preparations. Once I was ready to travel I just sat in the motor home and waited for the storm to pass by. The rig was really rocking in the wind.

The trip to Branson MO was about 160 miles south on US 65. The first part of the trip was through farming and ranch lands. I passed horses, donkeys and cattle in the fields. For wildlife I was impressed to spot an eagle flying out of the median. I’m not sure what the eagle was doing in the median, but the white head and wide dark wings were unmistakable.

As I got further south the gently rolling hills gave way to real hills. The road went up and down continuously. I knew the area was going to be hilly, but I wasn’t prepared for the extent of the hills. Notionally I think of the land between the Appalachian mountains and the Rocky mountains as flat. Even when I got into the town of Branson the road continued to go up and down hills. Only this time it was in a solid line of traffic.

I wasn’t prepared for the extent of tourist focus I found. I came to catch a couple of shows at the theaters. The first clue there was more than theaters came from the directions to the campground. They called for a left turn at the light after passing the Titanic. Not only was there a replica of the ocean liner, but I saw King Kong on the Empire State building as well as the full compliment of regular amusements. Everything from Ripley’s Believe It or Not to a Ferris wheel is on the main drag.


Site 105 at the Branson KOA.

I got situated at the Branson KOA a little around 12:30 after about three hours on the road. There wasn’t any rain after I left the fairgrounds, but as soon as I turned off the motor on my site the rain fell for a couple of minutes to welcome me to Branson. The afternoon sever thunderstorms were east of this area, but we did get one storm at the supper hour. I’m settled in for nine nights.

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