Getting an Overview of Branson

Monday June 4th 2018

The temperature got down into the low sixties overnight. There were high clouds all day that kept the temperature in the low 80s. It still was a very nice day.


This is the Branson Strip. It’s one lane in each direction with a turning lane in the middle. On Saturday there was a solid line of traffic in both directions. It is hard to tell from this photo, but the road is going down hill in the picture. It also goes down hill in the opposite direction. This intersection is at the top of a hill. The power and telephone lines and the big advertising signs are another constant.

Late in the morning I left the campground to check out the area and buy some groceries. I continue to be amazed by the absolute absence of flat land. As you drive around, you are either going up a hill, down a hill or around a hill on a sloping road surface. Even the parking lots and this campground are on uneven ground. Thankfully the campground is terraced to get the sites level.


King Kong hugging a building in the New York sky line towers above the Hollywood Wax Museum.

Missouri route 76 in Branson is known as the Branson Strip. It is packed full of things for tourists. There are amusement rides, restaurants, miniature golf courses, novelty museums, and theaters. The number of theaters and the acts they attract is what makes this area unique. Some of the theaters are purpose built and impressive. Other theaters look to be in converted strip malls.


There are shows in the morning, afternoon and evening. Most of the acts seem to be tribute shows to famous artists of the last few decades, but there are plenty of novelty, dance and magic acts advertised as well. Bigger named headliners seem to come in for a show or two as they tour the country. Right now most of the headliners seem to be scheduled in the fall before the area converts to Christmas shows. November and December seem to be filled with holiday shows.



I’ve been looking at all the options to select a few shows to see. I’m trying to avoid the temptation to just go to the Branson version of shows I’ve seen in Las Vegas. The magician Rick Thomas has a show at the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center. I saw his show in Las Vegas a couple of times. There is also a Branson version of the Legends in Concert tribute show which I’ve seen in Las Vegas many times. What I need is a good description of some of the other shows.


I found a Walmart on the Branson Strip to get a few supplies. This Walmart is in a building built for something else. It is not a Super Walmart so it had limited groceries, but I was able to get most of what I need. There is a Super Walmart on the north side of town that I will probably get to before I leave the area next Monday.


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