Day 4 of the Escapees 58th Escapade

Wednesday May 30th 2018

The weather today was a little cooler with a nice breeze. It still seemed to be as humid, but the breeze helped keep it comfortable. A line of storms is forecast to pass through the area just before dawn tomorrow. The rest of the day may see additional thunderstorms. Hopefully, they aren’t too bad and are over before the fireworks tomorrow night.


Some of the rose blossoms around the fairgrounds.

There were more seminar presentations today at the Escapees RV Club 58th Escapade. The emphasis has started to switch from the vendors to club information and other areas of interest. The most interesting presentation was on photography. It was presented by the professional photographer that is taking pictures of the events at the Escapade. Some of the photos he used in the presentation were taken with a cell phone and others with a DSLR. They were all high quality and you could only guess which were from the cell phone.

At the evening door prize awards, prior to the talent show, I won a door prize. It was a $25 Target gift card provided by the Bentsen Palm Active Adult Community and RV Resort in Mission Texas. I’ve heard good things about the resort in the Rio Grande valley. Their booth in the vendor market place was busy when I stop earlier in the week.

The Escapees Got Talent show was a fun experience. It started with about twenty little kids on stage singing and/or dancing to a recorded song. This was followed by a number of fellow attendees with real talent. We were treated to comedy, singing and dancing acts.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Escapade. There are a few more seminar presentations in the morning. The closing ceremony is at 3PM followed by a street fair and fireworks at 9PM.


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