Last Day of the Escapees Escapade

Thursday May 31st 2018

Today started wet. A storm front moved through the area between six and nine in the morning. By afternoon the sun was shining brightly, but the wet start kept the high temperature in the eighties. Tomorrow it is forecast to be back in the 90s.

This was the last official day of the Escapees RV Club’s 58th Escapade. Between the morning rain and an abbreviated schedule of presentations, I only attended one seminar session today. This afternoon everyone that gathered for the closing ceremony. The two big door prizes were given out, so just about everybody that was still here attended. I didn’t win anything today.

This evening there was a street fair with food trucks and music. The conclusion of the gathering was a fireworks presentation in celebration of the 40th year of the Escapees RV Club. They had some technical difficulties that delayed the show until around 9:30. Once they got started they were fun and dramatic. I took the opportunity to try and take some pictures of the fireworks. I’m including some of the better ones in this blog entry.

Tomorrow most of the rally attendees are leaving. Some have already left and a few, like me, are leaving on Saturday or Sunday. All of the attendees have signs in there window that tells what day they arrived and what day they leave. I haven’t seen many that aren’t leaving tomorrow.












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