Third Day of the Escapade

Tuesday May 29th 2018

This area was in the calm between the storms today. A weather front with heavy thunderstorms was to the west in Kansas. East of here near the St Louis area the impact of subtropical storm Alberto is being felt. Here it was another hot day in the low 90s with lots of humidity. There is a slight chance that the storms to the west will pass through here near dawn tomorrow, but they won’t be very sever. Thursday night is the next chance of significant weather in this area. That’s just in time for the fireworks scheduled for the closing of the Escapees RV Club’s 58th Escapade.


My concern about the weather has me watching the clouds.

I spent some time in the Escapade Market area this morning making a mental list of the remember that for when you need it items, the might be nice to buy now items and the got to have items. There was only one item on the must have list, an aluminum step to supplement my built in steps. A quick check online showed that it was a good price, so I’m now the owner of an aluminum step. I’m still thinking about the might be nice items. Tomorrow is the last day of for the vendors in the market place, so I can’t put off a decision for long.

I only attended three seminars today. The most interesting one was presented by a local Sedelia MO historian. The title of her talk was Sedalia’s Infamous Red-Light District of the 1880s. She discussed the history of the community in the context of its “soiled doves”. Apparently the city had quite a reputation for prostitution supported by corruption from the end of the civil war all the way to the 1970s. It was an interesting way to get an overview of the communities history and it was a nice change of pace presentation.


Another interesting cloud formation.

There were no major activities or entertainment this evening. The movie Guardians of the Galaxy II was shown in the main arena and a star gazing gathering was held in a darker corner of the fairgrounds. I skipped both of these activities in favor of a quiet evening in front of the TV in the air conditioned comfort of my RV home.

There will be more seminar presentations tomorrow and the evening entertainment will be something they call Escapees Got Talent. Basically the talented among the attendees get an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. It should be interesting.


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