Second Day of the Escapade

Monday May 28th 2018

Today’s high temperature set new records at various locations in the area. It got into the low 90s here in Sedalia MO before a thunderstorm tried to form and soak the area. The temperature dropped a few degrees, but no more than a brief heavy sprinkle came out of the sky. Tomorrow is forecast to be a little cooler, but still as humid.


These threatening clouds are the back side of the line of storms after it passed through the area.

This was the second day of the Escapees RV Club’s 58th Escapade. The seminar sessions started at 8:30 this morning. I went to a presentation during four of the five opportunities today. The first session this morning didn’t have anything interesting enough to get me moving quick enough. Unfortunately, during other time slots there was more than one presentation that interested me.

So far I haven’t learned anything earth shattering. I’ve picked up a useful tidbit or idea from each of the presentations, but I’m ready to leave at the end of the hour. I’m getting my exercise. The venues for the presentations are spread out a good distance from my RV. The furthest venue is more than half a mile away. Some people are driving, but there isn’t great parking. There is also golf cart transportation available, but they’re not always available when you want one.

I wish that more of the presentations were from individuals not representatives of a company or a vendor. For example, I’d like to hear about an individual’s trip to Alaska rather than the advantages of taking a guided tour. I understand making a presentation is a good way to draw business to a particular vendor, so a certain number of presentation slots need to be available to the vendors. Getting and vetting non vendor presentations may be more of a challenge than the resulting value.

Tonight’s entertainment was the magician Reza. He has been on one of the TV magic shows, has a residency in Branson MO and tours part of the year. His act is a combination of big magic and small slight of hand style magic. He brought several people from the audience on stage to assist in the act which enhanced the entertainment value greatly. I enjoyed the show.

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