Travel Day to the Missouri State Fairgrounds

Friday May 25th 2018

A line of thunderstorms and general rain passed trough the area before dawn. It lasted for three or four hours. Where I spent the night it was over by 8AM, but to the east at my destination in didn’t end until later. I got packed and was on the road before ten. I only had seventy miles to travel.


An example of the muddy conditions at the fairgrounds today.

I arrived in Sedalia Missouri at the State Fairgrounds around 11AM. This is the location of the Escapees RV Clubs 58th Escapade. Today was the first early arrival day for general attendees. The rally starts on Sunday. It was a busy day for arrivals. I followed a line of other early arrivals in from the highway and then the fun began.

The overnight rain had turned many of the roads and sites into muddy traps. The parking crew was doing there best to only park people in the dry areas. When they miss calculate or an RV driver knew better than the parking crew a heavy vehicle sank into the mud. There was a big heavy wrecker on site doing a good business. I saw at least four extractions in my corner of the campground.


My RV Home under a nice tall tree. Typical to all rallies my neighbors are close and the utilities are a long way away.

I got parked without any real difficulty. It took over an hour from the time I arrived at the fairgrounds before I was backed into my site. The parking crew was doing a good job under difficult conditions. My site has a nice big tree behind my RV. This will come in handy as a sun shade in the days ahead. The down side is it prevents my roof top satellite antenna from finding the satellite. The over the air TV signal isn’t the best. I can get 2 PBS stations and 2 ABC stations plus a bunch of second tier channels.


This building not to far away from my RV is a Tornado shelter.


Not far behind my RV is a warning siren.

The sun came out this afternoon and raised the temperature into the eighties. It is still very humid and the temperature over the weekend is forecast to be even higher. The heat index for Sunday is forecast to be over one hundred. The air conditioner is going to get a good workout.

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