Watching Today’s Arrivals

Saturday May 26th 2018

Summer arrived today. The calendar may say it is still spring, but mother nature provided a bright sunny day with a high temperature of 90 degrees. The humidity also increased as the day went by. Tomorrow is forecast to be even hotter.


RVs line one of the main roads in the campground.

The bright sun dried the fields out from yesterday’s soggy mess. It’s a good thing because another 170 rigs arrived today. The parking crews were busy from eight to two. They filled in some of the gaps they left yesterday to accommodate the mud and moved on to fill other areas of the complex. There is still plenty of room for tomorrows arrivals, but they may be even further from the activities. Everybody has to cross the road to the main fair grounds area for all of the activities. I have a good walk just to reach the road from my RV. Today they started parking rigs in areas that are almost twice as far away. They’re is a courtesy shuttle using golf carts available, but I’ll probably ride my bike if I don’t walk.


Narrow side street lined with RVs.

I spent the first two thirds of the day outside. I met my neighbors and together we watched a lot of the new arrivals around us. The heavy duty wrecker was here early in the day, but I don’t think it was needed today. It was gone my mid morning. The area behind my RV home was dry enough for RVs today. That area is now filled in with RVs. The area across the street in front of my site doesn’t have any water or sewer hookups so it will only be used as a last resort. Even so it now has been claimed by the cars of many of my neighbors. Yesterday’s muddy fields caused some interesting parking. If you were off the road and your tires lost any traction, you were parked. Your orientation on the site or distance from the road didn’t matter. Your just happy to be parked.


Another row of RVs with a few open spaces still drying out.

After a bicycle ride around the campground and the fairgrounds in the hot sun, I was done for the day. I’m not used to this heat and humidity yet. I closed up the motorhome and turned on the Air Conditioner. The last third of the day has been in the cool comfort inside the RV.

Tomorrow is the first official day of the 58th Escapade. The vendor booths open at 9AM, the opening ceremony is at 3PM and the evening festivities with entertainment is starts at 7PM. Let the fun begin.

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