Travel Day to Oak Grove

Thursday May 24th 2018

Today was a travel day. The goal was to get closer to the Missouri State Fair grounds in Sedalia. I need to check in before 2PM on Friday for the Escapees Escapade. It turns out I could have stayed in Hannibel another night. The campground I found for tonight is west of Sedalia near Kansas City. When I passed the Sedalia area it was only 12:30. Tomorrow I’ll back track about forty miles on Interstate 70 than travel south to Sedalia. Google maps says it’s only about seventy miles.


Site 27 at the Kansas City East KOA.

The first part of the travel day was on US highways and good Missouri state routes. I traveled through a lot of farmlands in light traffic. The roads were pretty straight, but they went up and down more hills than I expected. When I reached Interstate 70 the hills got more frequent and the traffic was heavier. Overall there weren’t any issues, just two hundred and seventy miles of travel.

I found a gas station to fill the tank along the way. I put in a little over fifty six gallons of gas at $2.699 a gallon. That’s forty six cents per gallon less expensive than in Indiana on Tuesday. Gas prices are what they are. I’m going to pay what is necessary to move the RV around the country, but it is important to remember that taxes and distribution costs vary from area to area. Using the Gas Buddy phone app or web sites can save significant money.

My travel day ended around one thirty at the Kansas City East KOA. Getting setup was another hot and sticky job. The afternoon was humid with the temperature in the mid 80s. I tried to obtain a reservation at a couple of different places along Interstate 70 without success. The holiday weekend is rapidly approaching. This park already has people that are clearly here for the long weekend, but I was able to get a site for the night. Tomorrow I’ll complete my journey to the Missouri State Fair Grounds.

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