Checking Out Hannibal MO

Wednesday May 23rd 2018

It was a little less humid today, but the temperature peaked higher than yesterday. The high temperature was in the mid to upper 80s. It made two days in a row without rain which is a big improvement after almost two weeks of some rain everyday. I think tomorrow is supposed to return to the rain pattern.

r3t2018-05-23_20-391I tried to sleep in this morning, but the change in time zone worked against me. I was up shortly after 8AM central time. Yesterday in the eastern time zone that would have been closer to sleeping in. I can’t try again tomorrow or Friday. They will be travel days before I will pause for eight nights, followed by eleven nights, then another pause for two weeks. The slower pace with extended stays is my preferred travel approach.

This afternoon I toured the area. One thing that I didn’t expect is how hilly this area is. The western side of the Mississippi river in this area is has many hills. The drop to the river even has some cliffs. The old town of Hannibal is in a lower area near the river bank, but it is still higher than I expected. It seems logical that the town would develop on higher ground to avoid most of the flooding from the river, but my memory of the legends around Mark Twain had him living in the flood plain. Guess I should read a real history or biography of the man.

The Mississippi River is actual in danger of passing flood stage a little ways north of here. Today it was very muddy and looked a little high, but I don’t know what the normal state is for comparison. I didn’t see any significant traffic on the river today.

The newer more modern and commercial part of town is higher in the hills to the west. It looks like General Mills is one of the big employers. I saw two big complexes with General Mills signs on the buildings when I was scouting the route out of town for tomorrow. There are at least two gas stations that I can get in and out of easily. The price of gas is also forty five cents a gallon cheaper than I paid yesterday in Indiana.

While I was out I also stocked up on groceries and other supplies for the next few days. I found a Walmart and two grocery store to chose from. This Walmart had an interesting variation in prices. Milk and fake butter were both cheaper here, but a gallon of water was a few cents higher. I’m sure there were other variations in the price of things I bought, but those stood out.

Writing this blog entry has been a real struggle.  Microsoft saw fit to upgrade my version of Windows 10 last night.  My computer is still trying to recover.  Default applications and other configurations have all changed.  I have to find and setup a lot of things manually and everything seems slower.



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