Travel Day to Hannibal Missouri

Tuesday May 22nd 2018

It was very humid this morning. The temperature overnight only got down into the sixties. It made getting ready to depart almost as wet as Monday mornings rain. I was dripping with sweat by the time I was ready to leave.


View out the dirty front window of my RV as I crossed the state of Illinois. The puffy clouds were a constant all day. Traffic was generally light all day.

I left the campground shortly before ten, but stopped for gas before I reached the interstate. The cost of fuel in the area was very high, so I only put in $100 at $3.15 a gallon. My hope is to find cheaper gas in Missouri. Gas was cheaper in Illinois, but I didn’t stop. Except for the first two miles and the last 3 miles all of today’s journey was on Interstate highways. For the most part they were in good condition. The cement road surfaces around the cities weren’t the best, but the paved surfaces between the cities were OK. I really don’t understand the logic behind cement road surfaces. They always seem to be rough and in need of repair. The bandaid style repairs only make them rougher.

It was a nice drive across Illinois through farmland that corresponds to my vision of the mid west. There were large open fields on gently rolling hills separated by stands of trees. Farmhouses with barns and silos were visible across the fields. Most of the fields had newly started crops. The plants were far too new to even begin to guess what was growing.

I arrived at the Mark Twain Cave and Campground just across the Mississippi River in Hannibal Missouri around 1:30pm central time. I transitioned into the central time zone thirty miles into my journey west, so my elapsed travel time was around four and a half hours. It was still as humid as it was in Indiana, but now the temperature was in the mid 80s. Once again I was dripping wet by the time I was setup. I retreated inside and turned on the air conditioner.


Site F-4 at the Mark Twain Cave Campground.

This is a nice campground but the approach isn’t the best. From the Interstate you need to drive through downtown Hannibal. Then turn right by a power substation and pass through the parking lot for the Mark Twain Cave attraction. Most of the way from the Interstate I was wondering if I was on the right road. I only have 1x Cellular data service, but there is good WiFi in the campground. The over the air TV signal is one set of channels all of which have religious programming. Luckily my satellite dish was able to lock on, so I have TV to keep me distracted.


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