Rainy Travel Day

Monday May 21st 2018

Today was a rainy travel day. It was raining when I got up this morning. Preparing to leave the park was a messy wet task. I got on the road at ten fifteen a little later than I’d planned.


One of many pretty flowers at my destination RV park.

It rained most of the way south through Michigan and Indiana. Most of the time is was just heavy enough to require the windshield wipers, but there were a couple of heavy storms with lightening visible. It was still raining when I arrived at my destination in Crawfordsville IN shortly after two. This area is in the eastern time zone, but I passed through an area of Indiana that is in the central time zone. It made it rather confusing keep track of my progress and I wasn’t sure what time zone I was in until I checked in. Tomorrow I will move into the central time zone for the next month and a half.

I hate my GPS, or I don’t know how to trust it. I have an RV GPS which is supposed to route you on RV appropriate roads. Its idea of appropriate and mine don’t really align. Today’s journey was routed on a combination of Interstate highways, US routes, numbered state routes and for some reason non numbered local roads. The GPS routed me through downtown Lafayette Indiana when there were ways around the city streets. This is when my trust issues came into play.

The GPS called for a left turn in 400 feet. It didn’t say the road name. There were two possible left turns ahead. I pulled up to the first one just as the GPS said turn left in 200 feet, so I went on to the next intersection. As I passed it became obvious that I’d missed the correct turn. I turned around in a pizza place’s parking lot and got back on track. Now I’m thinking I can’t trust the distance instructions. I’m now directed down one way streets in the middle of the downtown area. The GPS starts calling for another left turn. This time I turned one block too early. I navigated around a large city block to get back on track. I finally made it across the city to US 231 south. It was easy travel from there.


Setup on site 34 at the Crawfordsville KOA after the rain stopped.

Tomorrow I’m traveling west about two hundred and seventy five miles to Hannibal Missouri. It is almost all Interstate Highway travel. The GPS can stay in view mode. I’ll be in the town of Mark Twain’s birth for two nights, before moving deeper into the state.

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