More Travel Planning

Sunday May 20th 2018

To borrow from the TV announcer, “Now we resume our regularly schedule blogging.” I spent a couple of nights in a hotel about thirty miles from here while I attended a family wedding. It was a fun gathering and a beautiful wedding. I enjoyed catching up with family and eating too much.


Campground pond during this weekend’s murky weather.

When I returned to the RV park Saturday afternoon, the place was near full and very active. Kids were riding bicycles on all of the roads, adults were gathering around campfires and music was blaring from several sites. It was so different from the nearly empty quiet campground I left on Thursday morning. I was nearly oblivious to it all. I needed sleep. While I got back to my hotel at a reasonable time each night, I didn’t sleep well. I went to bed early and got up late this morning.

Today started off cool, cloudy and damp. Around noon the rain showers that have been in the area all weekend returned. This evening the storms have passed through the area, but are forecast to be around again tomorrow. I’m traveling south tomorrow toward the Indianapolis area. I hope I can avoid the storms.

I spent the day laying out my travel plans for the month of June in detail. With a lot of research, I have booked a little over a week in the Branson Missouri area and two weeks on the Arkansas river near Little Rock Arkansas. From there I’ll move on to the Memphis area for another week or two if I can find a reservation for the Fourth of July holiday week. My fall back position will be south of Memphis in Mississippi, but the further south I go the heat and humidity will increase.

During July I will check out the Nashville area then move east into North Carolina for the end of July into the beginning of August. From there I’ll continue north into Pennsylvania, New York and New England for the fall months. When the open campgrounds in New England dry up at the end of October, I’ll head back south toward Florida. I’ve set a reminder on my cell phone so I won’t forget to make reservations in Memphis, Nashville and North Carolina. I need to lock in the holiday periods.


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