Travel Day into Michigan

Tuesday May 15th 2018

The rain and thunderstorms were pretty much over by midnight. This morning it was humid and cloudy, but trying to dry out. This afternoon fifty or so miles north the sun was out and the temperature topped out around 70 degrees. There isn’t a lot of rain in the revised forecast until the weekend.

I woke up later than normal and got a slow start this morning. I had plenty of time since checkout wasn’t until noon and I only had about seventy total miles to travel. For some reason I had completed a different set of tasks ahead of time than the tasks I normally complete. This morning I had to wash a sink full of dishes before I could clear the counters. It had me out of sync for my whole travel preparation. I finally left the campground a little after 11am.

The people setting up for the rally were probably glad to see me go. The actual start of the rally is Thursday, but today the rally staff were issued golf carts from a huge flat bed truck that arrived at the campground. All of the guys were driving around checking out their new toys. Several of them gave my rig a good stare. Finally, one guy decided to ask if I was with the rally. When I told him I was getting ready to leave, I got a sales pitch for the rally even though he admitted they were going to need all of the campground sites.


Site 84 at the Coloma/St. Joseph KOA near Benton Harbor MI.

The drive north was uneventful passing through farm lands on US routes most of the way. The last few miles were on Interstate routes. I stopped for gas at the station I had checked out using Google Maps satellite view. It turned out OK, but had less space than I prefer. The gas fill location on my motorhome is on the rear of the coach. That’s good for the few times you have to fill from the opposite side, but it means the motorhome sticks out 35 feet beyond the pump. In the other direction the towed car with the tow bar extends twenty feet. I have to be conscience of what I’m blocking.

This area still has flood warnings in place. On the drive today it was easy to see why. The streams and rivers were out of their banks. In some areas the water was very close to the road. It won’t take much more rain or consolidation down stream to have real problems. The amount of lakes and rivers in this area is one of the things I didn’t expect. I was expecting rolling farm land. Water didn’t factor into my preconceived notions.

I arrived at the Coloma/St. Joseph KOA just before 1pm. Many of the sites were underwater, but I was assigned to a site that was dry as long as you stayed on the gravel. Water was running down all of the roads in the park from the hill area above. The staff reports that it hasn’t been this bad before.

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