Rain Bookends a Sunny Day

Monday May 14th 2018

To borrow a phrase with a little adaptation from Charles Dickens, it was the best of days. It was the worst of days. Today’s rain storms were the worst of the last few days, but the middle of the day was the sunniest and warmest. Heavy thunderstorms started around 5AM and continued with very little letup until after almost eleven. The afternoon was sunny and humid with a high temperature in the low eighties. This evening a sever thunderstorm warning was out until 10pm. Most of the storm passed to the south of here, but more storms are stacked up to the west.


Surprisingly, the white blossoms in the flowering tree behind my RV survived the heavy rain.

This morning’s storms were very loud. Thunder could be heard all around and the rain fall rate produced a continuous roar as it hit the roof of my RV. There was some hail reported in the area, so it may have also added to the noise on the roof. More than two inches of rain fell during the morning storms. Some of the roads in the area flooded and the National Weather Service has issued additional flash flood warnings.

During the good weather part of the day I scouted out my departure route for tomorrow. I drove a few miles into Michigan to see what the roads were like and see if there was a suitable gas station on the way. I found good roads and lots of farms, but no gas stations. Checking the other direction for nearby gas stations also didn’t produce great results. The stations in the congested Elkhart area would be difficult to get in and out of. I found one that I’d use, but checking further north on my route with Google maps identified a better gas station. Gas prices also seem to have gone up since I arrived. Unleaded regular gas is almost three dollars a gallon at some stations. While I was out I stocked up on groceries for the next few days.

Back at the RV park this afternoon I started to pack up for tomorrows move. The outdoor stuff was dry enough to put away before it got wet again during the next round of storms. I also loaded my bicycle onto the back of the SUV. I really don’t have to hurry in the morning. My travel day should be short. I’m traveling less than one hundred miles. This campground is filling up with early arrivals to the rally that starts Thursday. They have also put up a party tent and vendors have started to setup in one of the halls. If the rally wasn’t consuming all of the available sites, I would have stayed here longer.

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