Back in Spring Time

Wednesday May 16th 2018

I finally got a good nights sleep. It didn’t rain last night, so I wasn’t dragged out of sleep by the sound of rain on the roof. Constant rain isn’t as big a problem, but rain starting and stopping wakes me up every time it returns. Today was a nice sunny day with a high temperature in the low seventies.


New bright pink blossoms are a sure sign of spring.

My journey north from Florida over the last few weeks has been a journey back in time, if you judge time by the progress of spring. I first saw signs of spring in Tennessee. The trees all had a full set of new leaves. The leaf color was still a light green, not the full dark green of summer. There was no sign of buds or flowers in the trees. One hundred and fifty or so miles north in the middle of Kentucky it was earlier spring. The leaves on the trees were a little younger and there were fallen buds and flowers under some trees. Maybe a weeks difference in time by driving north.


Trees with a fresh crop of new leaves.

At my stops in Indiana, another hundred and fifty miles north, the flowering trees were still in full bloom. I would guess that represents another week of time travel to earlier spring, but I traveled the distance in a single day. My current stop in Michigan is less than one hundred miles further north, but a noticeable difference can still be observed. Not all the trees have all their new leaves and the flowering trees seem to be early in their brilliance. Overall, I’ve spent close to three weeks traveling north, but I’m now experiencing spring more than three weeks earlier than when I started. A little math says I’ve gone back in time six weeks. I don’t think it is quite as pronounced in the fall.


Early Spring or late, there is always a Robin.

These are really just observations. I’m not complaining. It is much better than not having seasons to experience. In Florida the change is much less pronounced and out in the southwest it is even more subtle. Seasons, climate and weather are the big three in variables as you travel around the USA.

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