Another Good Do Nothing Day

Sunday May 13th 2018

It rained hard overnight. Several lines of thunderstorms passed through the area. The noise of the rain on the roof heralded each storm. By the time I got up this morning it was calm and quiet. The sun fought the clouds until late in the day when it broke through for a little while. The temperature peaked in the high sixties. More rain is predicted overnight.


Cooking a steak just right on my 0-Grill.

The cloudy damp days continue to influence my activity level. For the fourth day in a row I pretty much stayed at home, watched TV and read. I made a brief trip out on Friday, but other than that I’ve been enjoying my time at home. The only down side has been the shift in my sleep schedule it has introduced. I’m going to bed late and getting up late. I need to correct that before Tuesday when I move.

For dinner today I grilled a steak. The O-Grill I bought in Las Vegas is really working out well. Its cast iron grill heats up well and provides a good seer on the meat. The grill’s small size also fits in my basement storage area well. My old grill didn’t get a lot of use, but this grill comes out every time I’m stopped for more than a couple of nights. To go with the steak I baked a potato in the microwave oven. I had planned to fry some onions too, but somehow it was still on the counter beside the sink when I put the dirty plate in after finishing my steak. The steak and potato were good even without the onions.


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