Another Enjoyable Do Nothing Day

Saturday May 12th 2018

It rained off and on all day. Occasionally it was heavy rain, but so far it hasn’t lived up to the forecast. The temperature has stayed in the mid fifties all day.

I haven’t experienced an extended period of cool wet weather like this one since the beginning of February in San Antonio TX. Most of the week I spent in the outskirts of the city were foggy, wet and cool. Prior to that the only period of more than a day and a half of rain that I can remember experiencing is in June of last year in Montana. That’s one of the good things about this lifestyle. Trying to stay in the areas of moderate temperature also means your less likely to be in the areas of extended bad weather. In line with that, I’ve also been wearing more short sleeve shirts and short pants than I have in my entire life. Not today. I’m not enjoying this cool spring weather.


Golf on the TV was one of the distractions to the rain outside.

I stayed home today and watched TV. Between home improvement shows on HGTV, NCIS repeats on USA and Golf on NBC, I was thoroughly entertained. I managed to get out for a walk around the RV park during one of the periods of no rain. There wasn’t much activity in the park today. It looked like everybody was staying in their RVs, probably watching television like I was. I considered going out, but the only destinations I could think of were random stores and I don’t have anything particular on my shopping list.

Yesterday, the forecast for tomorrow and Monday was for better weather. Tonight’s evening news seems to have changed the forecast for tomorrow to another day like today. The weather steering currents aren’t strong enough to push the cold front and low pressure system away. More TV and reading may be in my future.


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