Random Tasks and Random Thoughts

Monday May 7th 2018

Yesterday afternoon’s thunderstorms foreshadowed a cold front passed through the area last night. Today’s high temperature was ten degrees cooler than yesterday. It barely made it to 70 degrees late in the afternoon even though it was a bright sunny day all day.


Field prepared for planting in front of my RV. The Interstate highway is in the other direction.

The daylight hours are a little odd around here. This is one of those areas you run into around the country that is on the far western edge of the time zone. The consequence is that the sunset is later than you get accustom to in more eastern parts of the timezone. Tonight’s sunset was at 8:44PM. It was still light after 9PM. When you factor in my changes in location, it makes it difficult to judge time in the evening.

I had planned to go to the museum at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway today, but it was not to be. I got involved with various chores around the RV. One thing lead to another and before I knew it the afternoon was well underway. The museum is across the city from my location and I didn’t want to get stuck in rush hour traffic. The museum becomes one more thing on my wait until next time list. I plan to continue traveling for years to come, so there should be plenty of time to really visit this and other areas.

The other major plan for the day was to stock up on food. That task got done. I found a Super Walmart a few miles east on the Interstate to fill my needs. I think a sociologist could generate some interesting theories about an area by the differences in Walmarts. At this Walmart the bakery section was smaller, there was an extra frozen food aisle, and there seemed to be a larger sporting goods section. Other things were more subtle. The amount of product and varieties stocked seem to be different than at Walmarts in other areas. Given that they stock what people will buy, it could lead to some interesting conclusions. Now you know some of the strange areas my mind wanders into while I’m going up and down the aisles of the store.

I’m moving north again tomorrow. My destination is Elkhart Indiana about one hundred and seventy miles away. I’ll be there for a week before I move further north into Michigan.

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