Travel Day to Indianapolis

Sunday May 6th 2018

It rain hard during the night. I wasn’t looking forward to a rainy travel day, but it stopped around 8AM. By the time I left the campground the sun was trying to break through the clouds. It was a sunny day most of the way north and west to Indianapolis. The last few miles were race with the afternoon storm front. A wall of black clouds was on the western horizon for the last half an hour of my journey. I was mostly setup before the full force of the thunderstorms arrived.


Site 32 at the Indianapolis KOA.

This wasn’t the smoothest of travel days. When I hooked up my Honda to be toad the car was on a down slop. Normally as I pull forward the tow bars lock into place, but because of the slop the passenger side tow bar didn’t lock into place. As I turned right out of the site I saw the tow bar compressed and start to bind in the rear view camera. I had to stop in the middle of the campground road and disconnect and reconnect the car. This is the first time in over 20,000 miles of towing that I’ve had this kind of issue.

The second issue was probably caused by hurrying to reconnect the car. The toad car brake monitor on my RV dashboard displayed an error code before I even reached the main road from the campground. I had to pull into a parking lot and reposition the brake box in the car. This issue has happened before, so I didn’t panic. It was just another hurdle in the day’s travel.

Next up on the annoyances of the day was passing the exit I had planned to stop at for gas. I had used Google satellite view to checkout the access ahead of time. That meant I’d have to take my chances at a station at another exit. I picked an exit with several choices and managed to get in and out successfully. It also turned out to be a very good price for gas. I paid $2.60 a gallon. Once I got to Indiana, I was passing billboards advertising gas at $2.83 a gallon.

The area south of Lexington Kentucky where I spent the last three nights is heavily tree covered mountains. Once I got north of Lexington the terrain turned into more open pasture land on rolling hills. This is more like what I thought Kentucky would look like. I even saw a few horses in the fields. When I got further north into Indiana the rolling hills continued, but the fields switched from pasture to growing crops. Most of the fields were either getting prepared for planting or had just been planted, so I have no idea what crops were being grown.

I arrived at the Indianapolis KOA shortly after 3PM. It was close to a five hour drive with only one stop at the gas station. I should have stopped at one of the Indiana rest areas. When I climbed out of the RV at the end of the journey, I was very stiff.

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