Travel day to Elkhart

Tuesday May 8th 2018

It was a warm day in the mid eighties with low humidity and very little wind. Overall, it was a good day to travel. I got packed up and ready to hit the road without any of the drama of the last move. The Honda hooked up and towed without complaint this time around.

My travel day wasn’t too long at one hundred and seventy miles but it was more stressful than usual. I was traveling on several different route numbers and navigating city traffic at each end. To avoid problems I programmed the GPS to guide me or so I wished. For some reason the GPS directed me on miles of city streets with traffic lights and many left and right turns. This might have been shorter mileage wise, but slower with a higher aggravation level. Strike one for the GPS. Next I missed a turn because it wanted me to turn south to go north. While that was the correct turn, I don’t trust the GPS. If I’d have actually reviewed my route and known the routes it would have happened. Strike two for the GPS. The third strike came when I got on a ten to fifteen mile stretch of new road. The older GPS maps didn’t know about the new road. I was in recalculating hell. Once I turned off the GPS, my only problem was ending up on a road that said no trucks allowed. Legally I was OK, but feared I might come to a low bridge or a bridge with a low weight limit as the reason trucks were prohibited. I made it to the campground successfully, but it was a tense couple of miles. The GPS wouldn’t have directed me on the no trucks road.

The other complication to today’s travel was the quality of the roads. Some of the road surfaces were a patchwork of repairs. Every little bounce translates to something moving around that ideally shouldn’t. I found more stuff on the floor of the RV than usual and my body wasn’t all that happy either. I need to crawl under the RV to check the suspension. I’ll also recheck the tire inflation. I don’t think there’s an issue, but better safe than sorry.


Site 740 at the Elkhart Campground.

My stressful drive started shortly after ten and ended around 1:30 in Elkhart Indiana. I’m still in the Eastern time zone part of Indiana, and I’m within a few miles of the Michigan boarder. I want to explore some of the RV related industry in this area. Elkhart is the home to many RV manufacturers and their suppliers.

Today is primary election day in Indiana. They seem to think the candidates need six months to campaign and the electorate needs to be tortured by political ads for the six months also. There is a US Senate race that has national interest. Three republicans are competing to take on the democrat incumbent. Whoever gets the republican nomination gets help kicking off their campaign on Thursday by a visit from the President and Vice President. Unfortunately for me their coming to Elkhart where I’ve setup camp for the next week. Who knows what kinds of road closures and traffic will result.

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