More Inclement Weather

Saturday May 5th 2018

It rained off and on all night and into the morning. The middle of the day was mostly rain free, but it looked and felt like it could start any minute. Around six in the evening a line of thunderstorms moved through the area. It rained very hard with plenty of flashes of lightening and thunder. The wind didn’t blow very hard, but we did loose power. It was more than an hour before the power returned.


View out the front window as the thunderstorm opened up.

Today’s storm hasn’t been particularly worrisome, just annoying. What I am concerned with is the potential for sever weather in the area I’ll be traveling through over the next few weeks. The tornado season is starting to ramp up in intensity and I’m moving closer to the middle of tornado alley. I have only limited experience with tornadoes. The batteries in my weather radio are fully charged and it will be getting a good workout in the coming weeks. I plan to be overly cautious.

I spent most of the day watching TV and reading with some travel planning thrown in for good measure. My campsite is under the trees so my satellite TV dish can’t receive a signal. I’m at the mercy of the campgrounds cable TV hookup. It has a good selection of channels, but they aren’t all clear. I ended up watching a few things that I wouldn’t normally watch.

During the dry time between the showers, I walked around the campground. Many of the weekenders have packed up early. Riding off road motorcycles in this weather probably wasn’t fun. I saw one rider return to camp completely encrusted in mud. My neighbors didn’t even take their motorcycles out today. They kept them loaded in their trailers out of the rain.

I’m moving on tomorrow. I have about two hundred and sixty miles to travel to the Indianapolis area.


A reminder that spring is here.

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